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Club Background

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Chapter History

The Brothers of George Wythe High school was formed when faculty members Kern Dowdy and Alvin Scott became aware of a rising problem at Wythe. The problem was that, the school was being overpowered more by its female students. The female students were constantly being given the opportunities to attend leadership conferences, blessed with the best college prep classes, and all around free pass to becoming the best students they could be, while the male students were oftened deemed as lazy, careless, and will be last to be given opportunities. We are here to find the male students who do care about being given opportunities and getting the proper knowedledge that will tranform them from boys to men, through what some would call positive peer pressure, but we know it as tough love!!.


The Brothers of George Wythe Officers
Jumar Peterson (President)
Kevin Harris (Vice-President)
Keith Bruce ( Chapter Editor)
Deavon Beavers (Keeper of Finance)
Peter Mitchell ( Keeper of Records of Seals)
Isiah Smith (Chaplin)
Darnell Minor (Chairman of Committees)
Jamel Wilford (Sergeant of Arms